Elaine's Poetry

Ruby's Shoes

Ruby's Shoes

She walks in with a strut,
Clicking her crimson stilettos,
Ruby, Ruby,
Where are you going?

With devious intent,
Ruby chooses her path,
Her matronly stride,
She knows what she is doing,

She's a quick one that Ruby,
Doesn't miss a trick,
Her gesture is so smooth,
You don't even notice,

Ruby taps one snap,
She turns with triumph,
She's done you in,
With just a smile,

Off with your head,
You're no longer needed,
Ruby only uses,
With a tedious pass,

So cool so cold,
Ruby is stone marble,
You'd think her dark,
Dancing on ruby shoes,

She turns a phrase,
Like butter to sooth,
Just as quickly said,
Sharply stabbed,

Ruby's lips are piercing,
Heartless snipe,
Stood firm,
On two Ruby shoes,

Written by Elaine Harris

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