Elaine's Poetry

Ruby Red lips

Ruby Red Lips

Ruby red lips stares ever so slightly,
Setting pursed mouth into devious breath.

A whispered murmur of sinister desire,
Poised in stone cold marble,
Ruby waits.

Her deep creased lines dry and cracked,
Edge corroded with aged crumby flakes of wax.

Crimson cavern fused into my senses,
Ruby sticky sweet scent lingers,
Ruby wants.

Don't speak, please don't dare,
Not an utter of movement,
Ruby strikes.

Her fiendish plot twists in her mouth,
With one touch of her tender peck,
Ruby corrupts.

Always the red remains embedded,
A picture of passive satisfaction grinning,

She wins her obsession,
I am a conquest in her web,
Slowly Ruby red devours me.

Written by Elaine Harris

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