Elaine's Poetry

On The Trail

On The Trail

the wind blowes and the sand shifts
but the desert remains the same
the thourns and barbs still survie
burning against thesummer sun
there in the brier and shadow
live the myriads of creatures
in this desolate landscape
the trail

lead me ever forward
down along the trodden path
perceive the wandering adventures
a view to the edge of the desert
this to survey in silence
an image burnt into my heart
in my soul the desert remains
the desert was mine that day
the door to my back yard
this was a place for me
a place on the trail

seek that one road
to a place of pristine beauty
miles out along the path
to reach a crest
the view breathtaking
a memory of a lifetime
at that time, day, or year
just the right light
or the right breeze
capture that moment
as the sun sets or rises
across the trail

as nature is a part of the desert
I am a part of the same
I cannot be parted from it
to be banished from it I would lose myself
the sand is in my blood
the wind is my song
I long to be there baking
my heart is in the desert sun
my soul capturing the landscape
in my dreams forever
on the trail

as long as time spans
seek out ways to explore
to ride the trail
to go nowhere and everywhere
step out
map your impressions
on the path of the trail

take a journey
be brave
stride forward
find where the trail may lead
learn what it is to be away
far from civilization
at peace
don't close the door
to what you may learn
but open it wide for all to come
Explore the trail

Written by Elaine Harris

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