Elaine's Angels

She is the one


She is The One

She is the one, who watches,
She listens,
And when the time is right,
She is beside me.

I may not see her, feel her,
All the same she is there,
Waiting, silent,
To touch my heart.

I do not know who watches beside me,
But I wait, silent,
For the comforting touch.

Were there tears in my eyes,
Joyous laughter in my voice,
Tender thoughts in my heart.

All the dreams I have,
Can not compare,
To the Angel's bright light.

I wait, silent,
For the wings of heaven,
To light my eyes and lift my heart.

If I only knew,
She waits, silent,
For her presence to be felt.

If I only knew,
I would not wait,
I would not be silent.

I would lean on her,
Giving myself over in her hands.
To hold me and comfort my soul.

In the dawn I'd wait,
For the Angel's wings to light my path.
In her wings I'd rest,
Silent, touching the wings of an Angel.

For the whispers of my heart would be hers,
And the Angel would never be alone.


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