Elaine's Angels

Fairy Angel


Fairy Angel

Far off deep in the forest glen,
The mist of dew's breath lingers,
To the foggy morning.
Before the first rays of light,
To touch the ground.

Far off in the dust of light,
She comes, little fairy sprite dancing,
To the traces of mist.
Chasing the last shadows of night.
To touch the dreamers sleep.

Far off among the midnight forest green,
The last little fairy dust sparkles,
To the ribbon of lace.
Standing at the tip of her toe,
To touch the streaming river.

Far off her bright voice but a tinkle,
Laughing joy in the mist,
To remain in the glen.
Live to the last dusky current,
To touch the sight of illuminating day.

Far off a winged vail leads dawn,
Trumpet sounds the rays of light,
To filter through the leaves.
Filling the shadows with color,
To touch the waking blooms.

Far off the light was heard,
By the tiny sprite,
To timid she hid in the hollow tree.
Caught between the mist of time,
To touch the end of fantasy.

Far off in dawns golden rays,
Angel's wings gently descended,
To the glen by the tall empty bark.
Shy little sprite peered out of her shelter,
To touch the light if the Angels feather.

Far off the sprite's evening passed by,
Return me fairy night,
To the mist of dreams and fantasy.
My shadow has left,
To touch dawns morning rays.

Far off an Angel singing voice,
Sweetly my little sister,
To the light of day I give to you.
Wings by day,
To touch my waking dreamers.

Far off they sleep waiting,
Guard their morning rise,
To give me piece.
Share with them the light,
To touch the day with Angels love.

Far off a tiny fairy flutters,
With angel wings I'll share the day,
To give the light laugher of love.
By night return me to gossamer fairy,
To touch the swirling mist of night.

Far off I'll dream with fairy dust,
Sprinkle with hopes dreams,
To fill a light heart.
Every sprite I'll send with love,
To touch heavens dream among the mist.

Far off The Angel spread her glowing wings,
The smallest feather drifted down,
To the side by the fairy sprite.
Glowing light became a staff,
To touch her wings from day to night.

Far off the Angel chorus sings,
Joyous tiny sprite,
To love all.
My smile is for you,
To touch a gift from heaven.


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