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About Elaine

I'm a poet in life's road. I'm a singer of songs to the wind, and a dancer to the spirit of nature. I'm a writer to my story. This is my life. I have been in my life a singer, dancer, musician, artist, writer, and a mom. But always there are the stories in my head waiting to be written.
It is always good though to give a little background. Here is the reality of my life. At the age of 35 I developed near fatal ovarian cancer. I am a survivor and now I'm facing even a greater challenge. I have ESRD and now need a kidney. Still I survive each day! I'm 59 and life has been full… of everything.
I'm married to the love of my life for 35 years now. I had two children. My son was lost to us in 1990 at the age of 15 due to a car accident. That sets us to where I started writing again. I found my words found true meaning. It helped me express myself. My poetry gives me worth, faith, and hope. I've always loved making things. Crafts every kind I can get my hands on but for now I'm making lots of crochet Afghans. Graphics are my life! Love making stuff!

About Steve

Steve is retired now from United States Gypsum. We love just resting up and having fun filled relaxing days in the desert. Where we are often found ether off road desert trail riding or cruising the Dunes of Glamis. We always find a warm place to sit and tell our stories under the desert night.
Still we have a lot of honey do's here at the homestead. We're busy painting and fixing up the place. Every room we work on becomes a real treasure when finished. The Bathroom and Kitchen remodel were done just to the look we have always wanted. Enjoying our space.
But always there is the ever grand days going out to see the cars race and hear the roar of the engines at NASCAR. Love being a part of the excitement their. Also there is the NHRA where we feel the power of the dragsters scream down the strip. Good times! Our favorite thing to do is to cruse the Honda sports car, just to go down the road and listen to the tunes.


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