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The Greatest Gift

It was the greatest gift I had ever known.
How easy it was to ignore, or misunderstand.
I had always looked into my past and saw my future clear.
What were huge problems made small, and small made significant.
Oh! What did it take to make me look at what was in my heart,
Deep inside was my greatest gift.
So late seen, so quickly lost.

They say you are gone.
I know it must be true, for there it is, forever more.
I never thought there would ever be a day that was never more.
It came, the day the world stopped, and I was the one spinning.
Did I look but only saw you.
The world changed that day and nothing remains the same.
I screamed but did not speak,
I was silent but the voice was not still.
I begged to be revealed but peace would not come.

You never could spend a day without me or I with you,
I was still here, I did not go.
How could I say good-by to myself, but I did go.
That part of myself is gone forever more.
It was hard to be sad, for the love was greater than the sadness.
They say I must say good-by.
I must give you to that place I am not.
I cannot understand.

There was this great soul I knew.
Gone on to a greater glory than ever I could.
Gone leaving a trail of blinding light in the wake.
I hold the light now with love and am blind no more.
I know it must be true, the light is so warm and pure.
The light of the love I share with you.
I am here so are you.
I know part of me is here the other there…
Waiting for the distant call.
So I call…So long…I will keep your smile.

Written by Elaine Harris

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