Sunset one
Welcome to Dezart

Speaking of desert here is what comes to my mind as art. Have you ever known that the desert is so alive with art? Here I will show you what dezart means to me. The Art of the desert. I have loved it here and found it is beauty in many forms. In the landscape, architecture and the colors of the sand. Here I remain. To find the words to speak of what I feel.

You will find pictures of cactus flowers or the distant sunsets over the oasis. You may spot a dune or drive a trail with no name. But here you will also feel the sound of the breeze, or the long summer stillness as I write to you. So be prepared to take what you feel on a safe trip to explore a dimension of the dezart.

Pictures, Poetry, and inspiration abound for your view. From the clouds in the sky to the angels that guide you. Be on a safe and loving path in your life. Come share a bit of desert with us. You may find that it is a warm and peaceful spot to think. And be yourself! Welcome to Steve Elaine's Dezart!




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